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I wrote a continuation for a valentine fic game set by [ profile] akhikaru. You can find her first part of the fic at

It is my first time writing a fanfic, ever! So there might be errors here and there haha. Without further ado.. here goes.


Sho didn’t feel like going back to his apartment where there were full of memories of Jun. There were happy memories as well as unhappy ones, the state of his apartment now was fresh with unhappy memories of them fighting, screaming and throwing random things off the shelves. No, he is not ready to go back there again so he walked towards a small park, also full of memories with Jun. But here, there were only pleasant ones. Ones where they would just sit and talk about everything and anything.

As he sat down on the same bench he and Jun frequents, Sho looked down to his palms where many small bandages were. He has always been clumsy and that night of cleaning after their fight, with Jun storming out was no exception. He could feel tears forming but took a deep breath and looked up towards the sky to calm his mind, urging himself that it was useless to cry now. Why coudnt he move on like Jun? The latter seemed happy earlier, well he was not exactly all smiles but he wasn’t moping like Sho was doing now. No! I would not let myself go down this path, I may be down now, but there is only up from now on, Sho thought to himself.

Feeling somewhat refreshed with new resolutions, he got up from the bench and walked back to his apartment. His hungry stomach temporarily neglected. It was just after 1 in the afternoon when he reached his apartment. On the way back, he thought of his work and of his boss, he had a deadline coming up and both he and Nino was anxious to complete it, it was a big project after all.

So as soon as he entered his apartment, he went straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower. His head still felt a little heavy when he came out of the bathroom wearing his bathrobe, but nothing a little painkiller wouldn’t fix. His mind thanking Jun for buying him those painkillers, who he assumed had bought them. After popping 2 tablets and gulping down a glass of water, he tried calling Nino but Ohno answered instead.

“Where is Nino?” Sho asked.

“He is having a lunch meeting now,” Ohno replied, he seemed preoccupied with the way he answered.

“Is everything alright Ohno? You seem busy. I do hope its not because of the new big project, I know the deadline is near but its not that near to be too worried about.” Sho said as he leaned on the kitchen counter.

“Actually it is, the client wanted it done a week earlier than scheduled and the big boss had stupidly agreed to it. Nino is practically freaking out now so he has ordered those involved to complete it by tomorrow as he tried to negotiate for a few more days with both the client and the big boss, thus the lunch meeting going on now. He has even roped me into the project to cover for you since there is no one else in office now, so this is me going crazy trying to. I am just an assistant damn it!” Ohno said, his voice clearly sounds like he is freaking out.

Sho is starting to panic too, hearing Ohno like that really means that they were in deep trouble of not completing the project by the new deadline. “Alright, calm down Ohno, I am going to the office now to takeover, I’ll be there is 30 mins,” Sho said hanging up without waiting for Ohno’s reply.

He quickly walked into his room and changed to his suit and tie. Picking up his briefcase, car keys and after locking up his apartment, made his way to his car and drove fast to the office. During the drive, he cant help but wonder why Nino agreed to him taking the day off if the project was to be completed urgently. He would have to ask Nino that when he sees him.

As soon as he stepped out of the elevator, he was greeted with an intern bumping into him and papers falling all over the floor. The intern apologised repeatedly while picking up the papers, Sho help the poor guy pick up stray papers and said that is was alright. After a quick bow and a final apology, the intern rushed off.

Sho immediately went to look for Ohno when he found that the latter was not at his desk. It did not take him long to locate Ohno’s whereabouts, he just followed a whiny voice of which was trying to give orders but failed at it miserably. In the meeting room, Sho could really sense the urgency of trying to complete the project. He could see stacked of paper leaning precariously on the table as well as files both on the table and on the floor. He spotted the same intern who bumped into him earlier scratching his head at Ohno’s ‘orders’.

Without delay, Sho stepped in. Ohno, sensing his presence looked up and released a relieved sigh. Ohno thanked him for coming even though he wasn’t feeling well. Sho just said his welcome and after being handed the materials, he started picking where Ohno left off and got to work immediately. After giving the intern clear instructions on what he wants done, Sho took his laptop from his office and placed it on the table in the meeting room. His personal troubles would have to wait as he gave his full attention to the task at hand.

Shortly after, Sho heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Nino leaning on the doorframe with brows scrunched. “What are you doing here? I told you that you could have the day off right. So why are you here spreading germs around the office.” Nino asked, well more like stated as he walked in the meeting room sitting on the table.

“Ohno told me about the situation, why didn’t you tell me about the change in the deadline? How did you expect to complete it without me? And don’t tell me that you were planning on completing it with just you, Ohno and the intern.”

“Well its not like I had a choice right, the others were out of office and you were sick. But by the looks of you, you didn’t seem to be too bad to call in sick today.” Nino said, practically glaring at Sho now.

“That’s why I took a half day off, and don’t change the subject. Tell me what your plan was for today.” Sho asked.

“No point telling it since you are here now is there,” Nino said amused.

Now it was Sho’s turn to glare but his glare had never had any effect on Nino who in turn just grinned wider. “Fine.”

“Good, now get back to work, I managed to get us a few more days to complete the project, but this doesn’t mean you can slack off.” Nino said looking stern but Sho caught a smirk at the corner of his lips. Sho just huffed as a reply, choosing to continue working.

Nino went out of the room but popped his head back in and said “Oh ya, and try to stock up your fridge and cupboards, I had to go out of my way to buy you groceries and some painkillers. After seeing you in that state yesterday, I figured you needed some.” After that, he left the room completely.

That statement surprised Sho. It would seem that he was wrong and Jun did not return home yesterday, much to Sho’s dismay. Now he was grateful to Nino but cant help but wonder where he got the keys to his apartment. Sho just pushed the thought away and continued working.

It was a little over 8 in the evening when Nino popped his head in the meeting room again. Sho, who was still concentrating hard on his work didn’t notice his entrance. Nino smirked and crept closer to Sho, trying hard to be as quiet as possible. Sho didn’t notice his presence up until Nino was practically looking over Sho’s shoulder and had poked him in the ribs. Sho squeaked, launched up from his chair and spun around to find Nino having a giggling fit.

Sho gave Nino’s arm a whack but instead of stopping his giggles, it made Nino laugh out loud. Sho cant help but pout and continued working mumbling about how he almost got a heart attack. After the good laugh, Nino wiped away his tears and pushed Sho’s hands away from the keyboard, but before Sho could say or do anything, he clicked ‘Ctrl+S’ and shut down the laptop. Sho just gaped at Nino.

“Come on, its dinner time, everyone’s gone home and you owe me for stocking your fridge up with food.” Nino said cheekily.

“Fine, thanks but have you never heard of prior notice?” Sho said sighing as he rubbed his forehead.

“Hey, I am your boss here and be super glad I saved your work before shutting down.” Nino said teasingly with arms crossed.

“I did say thank you…” Sho said, pouting.

“Alright, alright, don’t let this project get you down now. Let’s go, I know a nice restaurant not far from here, but you’re driving.” Nino said patting Sho on his shoulder and walking out of the room.

“Drive? But didn’t you say it was not far from here?”

“I did, but I didn’t say it was near enough to walk, come on Mr Grumpy-pants, hop to it!” Nino ordered, grinning.

There is no winning when it comes to Nino, Sho thinks as he led Nino to his car in the basement parking.

When they arrived at Sho’s car, Nino stopped him and reached out his hand asking for Sho’s car keys. “I’m driving Nino, you can just tell me the directions. Better yet, tell me where we are going and the name of the restaurant.” Sho said as he pushed Nino’s hand away.

Nino just rolled his eyes. “Just give me that!” Nino said as he snatched Sho’s keys from his hand.

“Come on Nino, make up your mind! Do you or do you not want me to drive?” Sho grumbled loudly, feeling more exhausted now than when he was working.

“Stop grumbling and get in the car Sho,” Nino barked the order. Sho gave up debating with him and got into the passenger seat. Nino got into the driver’s seat and made his way to the restaurant.

During the journey, Sho asked Nino about how the latter got his apartment keys. Nino just shrugged without answering, now Sho’s head was filled with questions. He didn’t remember replacing the spare key above the door frame when he gave it to Jun.

Wait! Jun?! Did he give Nino the keys? But that’s not possible, Jun didn’t know Nino and vice versa, he made sure of that. So how did Nino get my keys? Did he steal it from my bag? No, Nino wasn’t like that, was he?

Sho was thinking about it until a familiar landmark caught his eyes. The small park. Finally realising where Nino was leading him. “Why are we here?” Sho asked, eyes narrowing to the approaching restaurant. The same restaurant where Jun works. “For dinner, duh..” Nino simply replied, not missing a beat.

Sho’s mind was panicking now when Nino parked and got out of the car. Sho hurriedly got out and grabbed Nino’s arm, stopping him. Nino just look at him questioningly. “I cant go in there Nino, cant we go somewhere else? I’ll treat you to your favourite across the street, what do you say?” Sho said with eyes pleading.

Nino’s expression changed to one of annoyance and looked straight into Sho’s pleading eyes. “Sho-chan,” Nino started. Sho couldn’t remember when was it that Nino stopped calling his nickname but was surprised to hear it again now. “I know what happened between you and J and I know its killing you inside. I also know you don’t have the guts to talk to him after what happened. So this is me butting in into your private life and shoving you in there, well hypothetically, unless you refuse to enter, then I will have to get physical. Plus you can always treat me another time.” Nino explained, eyes not leaving Sho’s wide ones.

“Since when have you known?” Sho managed to asked, feeling nervous under Nino’s sharp gaze, he tried hard to keep Nino from finding out, afraid of what Nino will think of him if he finds out he was gay. “A while now, don’t underestimate me Sho-chan, I am good at getting to the bottom of things. Plus, I am your best friend, what kind of best friend am I if I cant see whats happening to you? You are good at hiding it, I admit, but I am better. I am also a little insulted that you didn’t tell me about J, I had to find it out from Ohno, sheesh Sho, talk about me being your best friend… So are you going to just stand here or are you going to get in there and clear up your mess” Nino replied, raising an eyebrow and lips smirking.

Sho’s heart swelled after hearing that and smiled down at him. “Thanks Nino, what would I do without you.”

“Most probably starve to death. Now get you butt in there, or do you want me getting physical?” Nino mock threatened. Sho laughed and mock saluted, “Yes, boss.” He then started walking into the restaurant.

“Your one and only,” Nino whispered, unmoving as his eyes stared at Sho’s back entering the restaurant.

There he goes, hopefully he clears things up with Jun and quit moping around, bringing me down with him, thought Nino as he makes his way across the street to have his dinner. He wanted Sho to pay for his dinner but since he had better things to do, Nino thought that he would buy his own dinner tonight, he was really hungry after all. Who wouldn’t be hungry when they hardly ate anything during lunch? He couldn’t even enjoy his luxurious lunch when he was busy trying to negotiate for a later deadline. Who would have thought the client would be so hard headed…

As Nino walked into the little ramen diner, he took a deep breath, smelling the nostalgic scent and smiled. He almost forgot how much he enjoyed homemade ramen. He had been so busy lately that he almost always eats convenient store bento and instant noodles, other times he would make himself a simple nabe dish but after realizing cleaning up after was too much of a hassle, he stops eating nabe and cooking altogether, choosing to eat unhealthily instead.

He walked in and heard a loud gasp. “Nino-chan? Is that you?” the old lady behind the counter called out to him, waving. Nino smiled wider and waved back, this old lady, always a drama queen, he thought. “Hi aunty, don’t make it sound like we haven’t seen each other in ages...” Nino complained loudly, completely disregarding curious stares from other customers.

“It has been ages, where have you been? Are you eating properly? You look like skin and bones.” The old lady bombarded him with questions and with her hands on her hips. Nino laughed and sat at his regular seat, in the middle of the counter facing the kitchen. He likes to watch as the old lady cooks, it makes him feel at home. “I’m fine, and yes, I have been eating properly. You sound like my mum.” Nino said, grinning as he remembered his mom advising him on eating properly when he was younger. Its nice to know that some things stay the same even after all these years.

The old lady just look at him critically and nodded. “Alright then, you have your own mom to nag at you anyways, so how about having your regular? Or do you want something else?” she asked, wiping her hands on her apron. “My regular is fine, thanks.” Nino replied after some thought, he didn’t feel too adventurous to try new flavours tonight. “Oh and a glass of beer too, if you don’t mind.”

“Coming right up, dear.” The old lady said as she went into the kitchen. Nino just sat there and let his eyes wander around the shop’s interior. It didn’t change at all, he thought, it looks exactly like how he remembered it, except for some cobwebs at the corner of the ceiling. But other than that, it looked comfortable and homey. Just the way Nino liked it.

Coming here triggered sweet childhood memories of him and Sho when they were younger, their parents used to bring them here to eat. He loved Sho’s excitement when he tried new flavours and enjoyed whispering ‘Maximum Umai’ into his ear when the owner asked for Sho’s opinion. Sho being Sho, had said it with such a pleased expression, Nino couldn’t help but giggle into his arm when the shop owner was practically suffocating Sho with a bear hug.

Thinking about Sho... I wonder how things are over there, Nino thought. I wonder if they have kissed and make up. He frowned a little at that. Do I want them to make up? Nino asked himself. Of course he does, Sho clearly cares about Jun and it looks like it’s the same for Jun too. Otherwise he wouldn’t have passed me Sho’s apartment key, speaking of which, I would need to return it later.

Nino’s thoughts were momentarily disturbed with the arrival of his ramen and beer. “There you go honey, just the way you like it.” The old lady chirped while laying the items in front of him. “Thanks aunty, your ramen looks delicious like always.” Nino replied with a wide smile.

“Hah! Don’t give me that, if my ramen was as good as you say it is, why don’t you come back and eat it more often?” the old lady shot back with a raised brow. “Don’t be like that aunty, you know how busy I am in the company..” Nino said after slurping a mouthful of the noodles, relishing in how delicious it was.

“Hmph! All I hear are excuses and didn’t your dear mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full. Sheesh Nino and here I thought you grew up into a fine young ma- oh welcome!” the old lady suddenly said and smiled, seemingly forgetting about her speech. Nino sighed in relieve and mentally thanking the customer, he knew she would have gone on forever if nobody interrupts her.

Curious, Nino looked over his shoulders and saw the last person he wanted to see, his best friend. He gulped down his noodles a little too fast and almost choked at the sight of Sho walking into the diner. “Hello Sho-chan! Haven’t seen you around here either!” the old lady said, waving for Sho to sit next to Nino, his regular spot. Sho said his hello and sat down, looking a little guilty and replied that he was busy with work. Nino just kept eating his ramen quietly, trying hard to hide his sudden nervousness around Sho. Why was he here? Shouldn’t he be with Jun now? Nino thought.

“The youths these days, only care about work, work, and work,” the old lady said, shaking her head. “What will you be having Sho-chan, your regular?” Sho, still looking guilty, just nodded. When the old lady went back to the kitchen, Sho turned his head towards Nino, who by now had almost finished his meal and was drinking his beer. Seeing that Nino was not going to say anything or acknowledge him, he turned his gaze and fixed his eyes on the menu in front of him, not really paying attention to its contents and waited.

Sensing his gaze a minute ago, Nino stopped drinking and asked, trying to sound normal. “Arent you supposed to be with Jun now?” His attention on his beer. Sho let out a sigh and rubbed the back of his neck, something he does when he was stressed, Nino noticed. “Apparently he was too busy to talk so I’ll call him tomorrow.”

“I see, does he want his keys back?” Nino asked, reaching into his bag to retrieve the apartment key. “I don’t think so, I think he will be staying with Aiba tonight.” Sho said with hurt in his eyes. Nino’s heart cant help but clench in the sight of Sho looking hurt. But his head wasn’t fast enough to stop himself from asking the next question. “Why?” He blurted. As soon as the word left his mouth, Nino mentally slapped himself. He didn’t want to know the reason, he didn’t want to let his heart hope for the impossible, the slightest chance of being with Sho. Even if Jun left him, it didn’t mean Sho was going to come running into his arms so he prayed that Sho hadn’t heard the question.

The old lady chose that time to arrive with Sho’s order. After thanking the old lady, he started to eat his noodles. Noticing that Sho might not have heard the question after all, Nino left the key on the table, finished the last bit of soup, drank the remaining beer and paid the old lady. After saying his thanks and promising to visit more often, Nino left the diner and started to hail a cab. Internally thanking the old lady for her right timing.

He was going to grab his car, drive home, take a long shower and go straight to sleep. His tight schedule tomorrow did not permit him to ponder on these things tonight. He took a deep breath and let out another big sigh, how many times has he sighed today? Too many, he thinks, shaking his head and shoving his hands deep into his coat pockets. But before any cab came, he heard footsteps from the diner. He didn’t need to turn back to know who those footsteps belonged to and wished that a cab would come now.

“Its a cold night tonight, isn’t it?” Sho asked, rubbing his hands together. Nino could sense that he was making an effort to make small talk. “I thought you wanted me to treat you?”

“I did, but not today, if I wanted you to treat me, I would have chosen a super expensive restaurant wouldn’t I,” Nino said half laughing. He may be smiling but Sho knows that that smile is strained and something was on Nino’s mind. “What is it Nino? I can tell that something is bothering you.” Sho asked, turning to look at Nino, patiently waiting for a reply. “What makes you think that there was anything bothering me?” Nino replied, side glancing at Sho, not meeting his eyes.

“Come on Nino, I think I know my best friend well enough to know when something is bothering you.” Sho said matter-of-factly. “So what’s up, you can tell me. Plus, what are you doing hailing a cab? I can give you a lift back to your place.”

“I am going to get my car first,” Nino responded lazily, really not keen in being with Sho for too long tonight. All his pent up feelings and emotions are threatening to explode the longer he is with him. How long has he been burying his feelings for Sho, fooling himself that what he feels for the latter is merely friendship? Long enough to know that nothing will happen between them. He knows Sho well enough to know that the latter would not leave Jun. He is loyal and will fight to save his relationship for as long as it takes. There is no hope for an ‘us’ when Sho has Jun. Nino thought sadly.

“Well I can send you back to your car, no problem.” Sho said nudging Nino’s shoulder. Nino just sighed again. “It’s ok Sho, I can just take a cab.” Nino said, shaking his head and making up his mind. Not a second later, a cab rolled its way to the side of the road. But before Nino could open the door, Sho grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him towards the carpark across the street.

“Let go, Sho! I told you I don’t need your help.” Nino said, surprised by Sho’s sudden action, struggling out of his grip but the latter was too strong. The more he struggled, the more Sho’s grip tightened. Seeing that it was useless to continue struggling, Nino just let him lead him to his car.

Stopping in front of his car, Sho shoved his hands into Nino’s back pocket. Nino yelp and glared at Sho but seeing Sho dangle his car keys in front of Nino’s face, he looked away embarrassed. He had totally forgotten he had Sho’s car keys the entire time. “Luckily I stopped you from getting into the cab, otherwise I wouldn’t have any transport home.” Sho said, poking Nino in the forehead.

“You could have just reminded me or taken the cab.” Nino said after slapping Sho’s hand away, still glaring at him. “Alright, that’s it, I am not going take or let you go anywhere until you tell me what is going on with you.” Sho huffed, crossing his arms and giving Nino a stern look. The same look he gave when he knew Nino was lying when the latter had broken his mom’s vase back when they were young.

Nino had always felt small and guilty when Sho gave him that look, its not because Sho was angry, but because he was so concerned about him. Just like a mother-hen Nino thought. He didn’t answer but chose to stare at his shoes instead, waiting for Sho to give up and let it go. After what felt like a few minutes, he looked up and noted that Sho didn’t not move an inch, plus he still had that look on his face. Sighing, Nino knows that there is no getting out of this and looked around.

Seeing that they were alone and there was no one in the carpark. Nino took a deep breath and braced himself. He took a step forward and looked at Sho straight in the eyes, Sho shifted a little and looked at Nino questioningly.

“I like you,” Nino blurted with blushing cheeks and eyes never leaving Sho’s. Nino had forced himself to not avert his gaze. He wanted to prove to Sho that he wasn’t embarrassed with his confession, even if his increasingly red cheeks gave him away. Sho just looked at him surprised and did not say anything. Nino took this as a sign to continue his confession. If he stopped now, he would have missed his chance and wouldn’t be able to look at Sho in the eyes anymore.

“I have always liked you, ever since we were kids and no, its not the friendship kind of like, its the I want to be with you forever kind of like. The kind that makes me jealous at Jun for taking you away, annoyed at you for not noticing and mad at myself for taking this long to say it to you.”

Sho immediately broke eye contact after hearing Nino’s confession and Nino frowned. He could feel his heart cracking and cursing himself for confessing and potentially ruining his friendship with his best friend. “I don’t know what to say Nino,” Sho said softly and rubbed the back of his neck.

“You don’t have to say anything Sho, I just wanted to let you know that’s all, you can just forget about it,” Nino said smiling but with tears forming in his eyes. “You can just pretend this never happened,” Nino continued, quickly turning his back to Sho so that he could wipe away a stray tear. But after wiping it away, more flowed and like a dam bursting, his tears kept falling. Not being able to keep himself together any longer, he let himself fall onto his knees and started to sob.

He didn’t stop crying even when he felt arms wrapping around him from behind, he just cried harder. The arms around him tightened and he could feel Sho’s warm chest pressed against his back and his head on his shoulder. Sho rubbed Nino’s arms soothingly in efforts to stop him from crying.

Only after a few minutes had passed when Nino finally stopped crying, he felt strangely refreshed and sensed that a heavy load was lifted off of him. But Sho’s arms around him did not loosen. Feeling overly warm and his legs going numb, Nino wiggled and tried to stand but Sho prevented him from doing so.

“Sho, my legs are going numb…” Nino’s voice cracked as he tried to release Sho’s hold on him. He could feel Sho shaking his head and taking a deep breath against his shoulder, blushing as he realised their close proximity.

“Why have you been keeping your feelings from me for so long?” Sho whispered in Nino’s ear. Nino’s skin shivered when he felt Sho’s warm breath against his neck. “The same reason why you didn’t tell me about your relationship with Jun, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship by revealing that I’m gay and in love with my best friend, of whom I thought was straight at that time. With all the girls you were going out, I wouldn’t have thought you were gay too.” Nino clarified, turning to look at Sho, but his face met with a mop of hair as Sho still had his face on Nino’s shoulder.

Sho chuckled at the realisation that they were both idiots in not believing in themselves and to not accept that they might have had the chance of being together years ago if only they had the guts to confess. Since he too has been keeping the fact that he was in love with his best friend, a secret.

Thinking that losing his friendship with Nino was not worth the risk of confessing and ultimately getting rejected, he tried to look for love elsewhere. Getting a girl to go out with him was not a problem as he was Mr Popular throughout high school and university but staying in a relationship for more than 6 months was something Sho failed at. The reason for the break ups were usually the same, it was either the girl wanted a more serious relationship or that he was too concentrated on his studies/work, which made the girl feel neglected.

But more often than not, Sho felt that his love for Nino wasn’t going away and that going out with girls wasn’t doing enough, so he thought he should try something else. That opportunity arose when he had a conference meeting and stumbled on a nice restaurant with Ohno and a very nice looking apprentice. However, it took Sho some time to have the courage to ask the apprentice out. Nino hadn’t noticed his relationship with Jun as Sho had managed to keep a tight lid about it and was careful as to not get too drunk during his night out with Nino, afraid he might spill the beans.

He had hoped that when his feelings for Nino finally subsides, they could both go back to being best friends, hanging out without him having the urge to hold, to kiss or to lock him away from the world. Sho was selfish like that. But his love for Nino not only remained but grew stronger, working under him did not help at all even with Jun by his side.

But it wasn’t his growing love for Nino that ultimately led to his fights with Jun, it was the fact that Sho enjoyed his work too much. Jun wanted Sho home more but with the economy these days, Sho has no choice but to prove to the company that he was a valuable asset, resulting in many late and exhausting nights. He was working hard to provide for a better life for the both of them, he just didn’t understand why Jun didn’t see it that way.

It all started to go downhill from then on, Sho’s routine has not changed but he noticed that he would come back to an empty apartment more frequently. It seems like Jun was spending more and more time with the new waiter the restaurant hired, what was his name? Aiba something…

Their biggest fight did not surprise Sho, he knew that it was going to happen eventually but it was sooner than he had initially thought. Sitting in the quiet apartment, he decided to let himself go for once. So after cleaning up the mess and hurting himself in the process, he drank a whole six pack while watching some chick flick movie. He caught himself yearning for Nino as the latter was always there to comfort him during times like this and started to wonder what it would be like to have him by his side instead.

Sho knew that he had to, once and for all, make a move. He couldn’t string Jun along anymore and had to come into terms with the fact that Jun has been distancing himself and seeking Aiba out whenever they had a fight or when he had to work late. There and then he made up his mind, he had to do what his heart has been urging him to do all these years.

His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Jun and Aiba happily talking and joking around in the restaurant tonight. He had never seen Jun laugh that freely and smile that widely when they were together, not since he felt the gap between them growing these past few months. He immediately left the restaurant to look for Nino, thinking that he might as well meet Jun tomorrow and officially have the talk.

His heart sank when he saw that his car was empty but remembered that Nino was feeling hungry before, so he rushed to the only place he knew he could find him. This time, planning to tell Nino the truth regardless of the outcome.

But as soon as he stepped into the diner, he noticed that Nino didn’t look like his normal cheeky self, he looked distracted and irritated with shoulders hunched as he ate his ramen. Sho hoped that it has nothing to do with him and stayed as calm as possible, pretending he didn’t see Nino’s hunched form.

He tried to look as normal as possible and asked for his regular ramen, he was feeling rather hungry now. He turned towards Nino and wanted to say something, anything, but his cowardice overtook him and he just turned away and stared at the menu in front of him. After the brief exchange, Nino whispered a question. Sho felt a little taken aback with the sudden question and his mind couldn’t come up with an answer, not yet anyway, his plan of confessing was thrown out the window. Pretending like he hadn’t heard it, he as casually as he could ate his ramen and thought of what he was going to say to him.

But Nino was being fidgety and looked like he was clearly trying to get away from him and it worried him to no end. Why was he like this? Did he somehow came to know his secret and couldn’t stand to be near him? Was he losing his best friend? He didn’t want to let Nino slip away from him anymore, so he decided to corner him and force the other to say what exactly was on his mind.

He braced himself for the worst when he realized Nino was about to say something to him in the carpark. But nothing prepared him from what Nino was saying to him. He likes me?! Nino likes me? This cant be true, Sho thought. So he waited for Nino to start laughing and to say that this was all a joke but it never came, instead Nino continued to tell him that he liked him since they were young.

Saying that Sho was happy was an understatement, he was ecstatic. Sho was so happy that all he could say was that he didn’t know what to say, his brain failing to express his happiness into words.

Nino mistook it though and said to forget about his confession. How in God’s name am I supposed to forget all this! Sho thought. There is no way in hell he was going to let Nino get away with it. By the way the latter fell on his knees and his shoulder shaking, Sho knew that Nino was silently crying, even though he had his back turned to him. Seeing this, it warmed his heart like no other and he did not hesitate in pulling Nino in for a hug. Hoping that by hugging him, all his feelings for the shorter could somehow be transmitted.

After a while and after Nino repeatedly grumbled that he has lost feelings in his legs, Sho decided that it was time to go, unless he wants Jun to come out seeing this. He wants to tell Jun properly, without the latter being all emotional about the scene before him, but he will do that tomorrow, after telling Nino everything.

So he helped Nino up and held his waist, the shorter’s legs practically collapsed into themselves as he tried to stand. Nino wasn’t joking when he said his legs were numb Sho thought but earned a playful slap on the chest and a glare when he realized he had said that out loud. Seeing Nino this vulnerable had increased his love for him ten-fold, if that was even possible. He couldn’t help himself from hugging Nino tighter and commented about Nino having bad circulation. “You should exercise more, Nino,” Sho teased, grinning down at the other.

“I hate you,” Nino said, pouting, with swollen eyes and red tear-stained cheeks. Cute, was the first thing that came to Sho’s mind. “But I love you.” Sho whispered and gave him a peck on the cheek. Nino’s eyes grew twice as wide and his cheeks got even redder but he composed himself almost instantly.

“I gave you a whole sappy speech, even cried my eyes out, and all I get from you is an ‘I love you’.” Nino narrowed his eyes and gave Sho his most frightening glare. Sho just laughed it off and promised the shorter that he will prepare a longer and more love-filled speech when they get back.

“You better, Sho Sakurai, I’ll be waiting for a full report in the morning.” Nino stated with a smirk, fully leaning on Sho now. Sho sweat dropped but chuckled, tonight is going to be a long night, he thought. But with Nino now in his arms, its going to be worth it.


A/N: it took me awhile to finish this, [ profile] akhikaru even pointed out some plot errors in my previous drafts, bless her for taking time to look through it.

Well that is it from me.

Much loves <3
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